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my application

1! name:kaela (or mikayla, as you three beautiful mods know me)
2! age: i'm fifteen.
3! gender: i'm a female.
4! cock or cunt? (your sexual preference duh.)um, put simply because i'm through with posting my theories on the subject... cock mostly.
5! sum yourself up in one word: "ummmmmm"
6! five random facts about yourself:
♥my left ring finger is allergic to sterling silver
♥i have an earwax buildup in my left ear
♥i don't ever paint my toenails
♥i have a "built-at-home-computer"
♥i hate diet pepsi, but i drink it anyway

7! what's yr take on:
//gay marriage:
all for it. the only thing that breeds hate is discrimination.... oh, well, stupidity does it, too.
//abortion: not for it. not for it at all.
//bush: i support the guy, and that's okay. people's opinions differ, and i think he makes good choices(most of the time, the war... not so good. katrina was NOT his fault!)
//michael jackson:AHHH!!! I LOVE MICHEAL JACKSON!!!!!

8! twenty good bands:

Schoolyard Heroes
Dream Theatre
Green Day
T.A.T.U.(they're not really a BAND, but i like them)
Corbin gets it right
Six Falls Short
All American Rejects
Hawthorne Heights
Maria Mena(she's not a band either, and neither are
Avril Lavigne,
Micheal Jackson,
Rod Stewart
John Van Deusen.)
Something Corporate
Butch Walker

9! favorite lyrics:

"And so I fall, I don't wanna feel this small
you know I just can't handle this,
handle this at all
and I just fall, let my heartbeat drop
falter as the music stops
and watch me as I stall
wonder when I fall"

-Fall, something corporate

"A gag, a plastic bag
on a monument"

-Holiday, Green Day

"Defends, protects, and steals
my attempts at communication
every branch I try to reach
simply cannot overtake this
mobilize my own distrust
I just want to understand her
the way she moves
what makes her tick
I am momentarily blinded
all these walls have grown thick and
all this work seems to be for nothing
but i know that is a lie
for her smile hints with a shade of twilight
character screams with a breathless sigh"

-She Smiles, John Van Deusen (These may not be exactly right)

There are more...

10! ten good movies:

@A Little Princess
@Ten Things I hate about you
@The Princess Bride
@The Emperors New Groove
@The Princess Bride
@The Tenth Kingdom
@The Lion King
@Office Space

11! five good books:

*Go Ask Alice
*Jane Eyre
*Digital Fortress
12! five good authors:

^Dan Brown
^Christopher Paolini
^A.A. Milne
^Charles Darwin
^William Shakespeare
13! five things you like to do when yr not being a superficial nerd and applying for lj rating communities:

♥take pictures of my shoes
♥photoshop those pictures
♥practice my debate and lines for TP
♥watch the history channel
♥talk to Joe Royal on MySpace
14! ten likes:

#intelligent people
#talking to mark bond
#figuring out combinations to combination locks
#hacking computers
#Korean Teen Dramas like "Love Story at Harvard University"
#American Teen Dramas like "Degrassi" and "RFR"
#baking biscuits(how do you actually spell biscuits?)
15! ten dislikes:
%biology (i'm ok at it, it's just boring)
%whiny people
%overly dramatic, gossipy people
%sequels to bad movies
%overprotective parents
%digital cameras

16! pick your favorite mod & write them a poem:
Oh, 'Randa, how your dress shone
in the...um... discolight
of last night
I can't tell you how much you totally PWND
in the discolight
of last night
(sorry for using the word PWND, but i couldn't think of anything to rhyme with owned)

17! now pick a member & compliment the hell out of 'em
-has a WONDERFUL voice
-serenades my heart to... something even squishier than heart... when she plays me guitar
-looked absolutely fabulous at homecoming
-is one of my favorite people
-could kiss me anyday
-could never be someone i hate
-has an infectious smile
and is my love♥

18! make us laugh:

"If you don't get out of my kitchen, i'll slap you with a towel. OH YEAH, be afraid!!!"

19! post a picture of someone you think is hot:

my potato

20! promote in five places and give links. (this means go to the userinfo, copy the text under the banner, paste it to an entry/comment & post!)

21! favorite quote:
"I'm not jesus." -Paul Dozier
22! at least five pictures of you being awesome plus a 100x100 pic for member page:

you're gonna put me on the reject list, aren't you?
here's the shot..... (are) the shot(s).

rockin' it with the skunk head a REALLY long time ago

the one hundred ex

and an extra:

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