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1! name: Yooni
2! age:15
3! gender:X chromo aka Female
4! cock or cunt? (your sexual preference duh.)I like to say cock, but I think I'm a people lover.
5! sum yourself up in one word: public-speaker
6! five random facts about yourself:

1. I can't ride a bike
2. I received training wheels for christmas last year because of fact one
3. I was concieved in the room I sleep in
4. I know how to pen twirl
5. I love the smell of clean boy

7! what's yr take on:
//gay marriage:It's ridiculous how the US federal government can just choose who gets certain martial liberties based on the sexual orientation of a person. That violates the Declaration of Independence. It should be allowed, and will be, if our generation takes a stand when time comes.

//abortion:It's illogical to expect certain people to take on the responsibility of a child, and it is in society's and the mother and child's best interest to avoid such a situation when the certain person is in charge of a child. Also [pretty damn sure it's been said before], my vagina; my choice

//bush:I'm a debater, and as a person who has to sift through ass loads of evidence, I'll say this. Bush is a fucktard. Apparently, he's the biggest predsidential screw up in the history of the United states. The War on Terror is not justifyable means to inforce domestic surveilance. And since the power he's exerting as the captian against the war on terror, and because he and his lawyers contend that the WOT (war on terror) is on going, the power he gives himself is not temporary. Just to sum it up, he's a dictator that has the brain of an ass.

//michael jackson:
needs to get it together

8! twenty good bands:

1. day at the fair
2. weezer
3. bright eyes
4. monkeystrikes
5. ima robot
6. the academy is...
7. the decemberists
8. we are scientists
9. foo fighters
10. sanctus real
11. bedlight for our blue eyes
12. nancy sinatra
13. frank sinatra
14. rilo kiley
15. tegan and sarah
16. aqua
17. the yeah yeah yeahs
18. patti smith
19. plain white tee's
20. the veronicas

9! favorite lyrics:

One day you woke up and let your eyebrows grow
There's no perfect life and no perfect nose.

"you hate my beautiful love" by Monkeystrikes

10! ten good movies:

1. kill bill 1
2. kill bill 2
3. brokeback mountain
4. mulan
5. the incredibles
6. brazil
7. motorcycle diaries
8. women on the verge of a nervous break down
9. the pianist
10. citizen kane

11! five good books:

1. shizuko's daughter
2. welcome to the monkey house
3. dr. dolittle
4. watership down
5. homecoming

12! five good authors:

1. cynthia voigt
3. scott orison card
4. hugh loft
5. Tolkein

13! five things you like to do when yr not being a superficial nerd and applying for lj rating communities:

1. coming up with clever rhymes
2. sorting through old photos
3. drawing beards on people in trashy magazines
4. cuddle with a friend
5. drawing on the underside of my left arm (right now is says "water. carrot. bagel."

14! ten likes:

1. boys that smell like clean
2. stripes
3. large plastic hairbands/clips
4. vintage children's umbrellas
5. hugging a friend that i haven't seen in forever (it's the best feeling ever)
6. winning a debate round
7. getting kisses on my cheek
8. dancing in the rain
9. opening the door and seeing someone you're not expecting but love being with
10. lying on the ground and making shapes with the clouds on a clear spring day

15! ten dislikes:

1. boys that smell like yuck
2. dictators that run countries into the ground
3. Lizzy McGuire marathons
4. losing a debate round
5. idiots who want to argue politics with me when I'm busy doing something else
6. "your momma" come backs
7. geometry
8. couch hogs
9. those people in line in front of you that don't move even though the line went forward because they aren't paying attention.
10. Chuck Norris

16! pick your favorite mod & write them a poem:
Consumption of this product
may lead to frantic bursts of
happiness and laughter.
Feverish urges to assimilate
this person's beautiful face
is common through
a majority of consumers.
this may kill

17! now pick a member & compliment the hell out of 'em
I choose Tibby Gordon because I love her more than the moon can circle the earth. She's the most cutest, artistic, huggable, loveable girl I ever met in middle school. On the first day of school, everyone wanted to be her friend. And everyone still wants to be her friend because she's sooooo cool! Even though she called me yooni-boob, I still loved her. I still do. I LOVE YOU TIBBY!

18! make us laugh:
Image hosting by Photobucket
it's an old woman skydiving. heheheee..

19! post a picture of someone you think is hot:
Image hosting by Photobucket
You can't see her face, but ElenaBean is the most attractive person that males or females have ever let eyes on. And she has a rocking sense of style.

20! promote in five places and give links. (this means go to the userinfo, copy the text under the banner, paste it to an entry/comment & post!)


21! favorite quote:
"This dress makes my hips look like a fucking battleship!"
--Mary Howe

22! at least five pictures of you being awesome plus a 100x100 pic for member page:Image hosting by Photobucket
w/ little brother

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
awesome because I cut my own hair that day.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
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