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I got you on my mind, I'm feelin' kinda sad and low.

I'm using my posting access to post.
Happy New Year everyone!
Mine was good.
Not the year, the new year.
We stood on my roof, faced west and flipped off Last Year.
'Cause it's still last year in the west....
Then I played Mario Kart with my best friend and it was fun.

Last Year personally good, espcially around summer.
The ending kinda crashed, but I'm looking forward to when it happens.
Is this it?
Is this the year when it happens?
Is this the year we will learn what it is?
I want to know it.

Resolution 1.
Stop Fucking up.
Resolution 2.
Something about not being passive or I get punched in the throat.
Resolution 3.
Don't breathe underthings.
Resolution 4.
Stay Drug free my entire life.
Resolution 5.
Live my life as I see fit.
Resolution 6.
Get off this damn computer and develop sexy muscles so girls that don't like my personality will talk to me.
Resolution 7.
Get better resolutions.

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