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My heart beats blue, beats red, beats mad

1! name:Lindsey
2! age: 14
3! gender: female
4! cock or cunt? (your sexual preference duh.) boys pleaseandthankyou.
5! sum yourself up in one word: indecisive
6! five random facts about yourself:
1. I have a bruise on my right knee from a game of duck-duck-goose
2. I write letters to interesting/famous people, but I usually don't send them
3. I have a pair of red mittens I wear. It looks silly because I talk with my hands and I'm waving these mittens around.
4. I like ruckus.
5. I'm not sure what my shoe size is.
7! what's yr take on:
//gay marriage: they pay taxes and recycle too!
//abortion: i'm pro-choice. I personally would never have one because I couldn't throw apart of me away like that.
//bush: "George Bush doesn't care about black people."
//michael jackson:I think people need to leave him alone. He's the king of pop and its not like he's the only unattractive celebrity out there.

8! twenty good bands:
-Rilo Kiley
-Tegan and Sara
-Bright Eyes
-The All American Rejects
-The Like
-The Arctic Monkeys
-Something Corporate
-The Spill Canvas
-Fountains of Wayne
-Panic! at the Disco
-Head Automatica
-Lola Ray
-The Ataris
- Action Action
-Tristan Prettyman
-Ashlee Simpson
-Owen Pye (local)
9! favorite lyrics:
" And I picked her up in my El Camino
  Now I'm watchin her through her bedroom window"
-Owen Pye

10! ten good movies:
-Garden State
-Lords of Dogtown
-Almost Famous
-Say Anything
-The Breakfast Club
-SLC Punk
-Ghost World
-The Hole
11! five good books:
-The Georgia Nicholson series
-This Lullaby
-Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress
12! five good authors:
-Susan Gilman
-Sarah Dessan
-Jonah Black
-Francesca Lia Block
-Stephen Chbosky
13! five things you like to do when yr not being a superficial nerd and applying for lj rating communities:
-draw on myself
-think about boys
-go through my dads old vinyl we have in the garage (we need a new needle to our record player)
-make lists
- over analyze everything
14! ten likes:
-gummy worms
-New York
-Sarah Lawrence College
- eskimos/eskimo kisses
-vanilla caramellattes
-buying plastic dishes ( i dont know, its weird, when i go into a store I like to pick out dishes)
-tieing your shoes
15! ten dislikes:
- tomatoes/unions/mushrooms
- taking a shower and getting half-way through when the hot water goes out.
- how clumsy i am
- war ball
- one percent milk
- when people don't call you back
- how school's make you get so much loose-leaf paper every year AND notebooks- STOP KILLING SO MANY TREES. PLEASE.
- how the tv guide channel now has it's own tv shows
16! pick your favorite mod & write them a poem:
Sare-Uhh is a great gal
When the boys see her they're on the prowl
She's really sweet, she sincerely cares
Don't you wish you had her hair?

ps: i suck a poetry.

17! now pick a member & compliment the hell out of 'emnocturnaltanz  i like the color of your room. mines' dark purple (yaawwnn)
18! make us laugh:
Why did everyone like the mushroom? - 'Cause he was a fun-gi!
19! post a picture of someone you think is hot:

Nick Wheeler from The All American Rejects.
20! promote in five places and give links. (this means go to the userinfo, copy the text under the banner, paste it to an entry/comment & post!)

21! favorite quote:

"That's sugar in the tank"
22! at least five pictures of you being awesome plus a 100x100 pic for member page:


sorry about the not so great pictures. i just got a new computer and these are the only ones i have for now.

i dont know how to resize. sorry. but the 3rd one for the members page if i'm accepted.


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