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1! name: Julianna
2! age: 16
3! gender: a lady
4! cock or cunt? nice boys
5! sum yourself up in one word: squingy, my friend made it up to discribe moi</b>
6! five random facts about yourself: i'm a failed buddist, i plan out my camwhore days, i make lists and lose them, i roll newspapers into "wands" after reading them, i stay up late to fill out rating community forms.
7! what's yr take on:
//gay marriage:
yes. it's so obviously, blantenly a yes. it amazes me how this can still be a factor.
my uterus, my choice.
oh, they can be very a very nice addition to any backyard. it increases property value i've heard. but on the george w kind i would have to say that he's the ultiment example of the danger of moronic spoiled rich kids armed with daddy's connections. they end up in a place way over their heads and everyone else has to suffer.
//michael jackson:
a lost man. great musician though and i think that unless you're part of his trial that's all you can judge him on. and the nose, everyone knows about the nose.

8! twenty good bands:
WEEZER <33333
belle and sebastien
the buzzcocks
the flaming lips
ben fold's five (disbanded but still cool)
the yeah yeah yeahs
REM (more because they like to recycle)
le tigre
frou frou
matthew good band
spice girls (duh)
bloc party
our lady peace (old stuff)
beastie boys
Bran Van 3000
The Plain White Tee's
No Doubt (the ska days)

9! favorite lyrics:
i used to be a superhero
no one could touch me
not even myself
you are like a phone booth
i somehow stumbled into
and now look at me
i am just like everybody else
by Ani Difranco
10! ten good movies: birth, goodbye lenin!, the last unicorn, breakfast at tiffany's, bringing up baby, spirited away, la grande seduction, trekkies, gone with the wind, rebel without a cause
11! five good books: no logo, the catcher in the rye, 9 stories, life of pi, harry potter #3
12! five good authors: william shakspeare, jane austin, judy blume, jd salinger, agatha christie
13! five things you like to do when yr not being a superficial nerd and applying for lj rating communities: drawing, hand stitchng all me clothes with bloody fingers(one day i will buy a sewing machine), poofing my hair, looking for something
14! ten likes: non-cheesey nicknames, piggyback rides, being more AZN than i really am, indian food, good company, accessories, inside jokes, tv shows on DVD, $20 paintbrushes, New York
15! ten dislikes: conjucgating french verbs, dirty fingernails, trying to fit syllables into a haiku, mean people who are boring, when oprah interviews lame movie stars, most chain music store workers, baseball, oatmeal, pony-haters, "pep"

16! pick your favorite mod & write them a poem:
maranda is slam-tastic
see for yourself-
she ain't made of plastic
rivers would like to "get with"
Maranda tonight cause she's fly
So brown bag it
I'll make her mine

17! now pick a member & compliment the hell out of 'em
sodapopsmashing: you're so pretty i want to hate you but your coolness makes me want to be your friend. um, hello, you made a photo journey, i wish life was a photojourney i love them and yours is the pinnical of awesome. THE END
18! make us laugh:

I'm pirate dancing.

19! post a picture of someone you think is hot:
a certain gentleman i think you're all familliar with.

20! promote in five places and give links. (this means go to the userinfo, copy the text under the banner, paste it to an entry/comment & post!)

// 1
21! favorite quote: "hello, i'm julianna"
22! at least five pictures of you being awesome plus a 100x100 pic for member page:

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i should really get some sleep now, it's 2:22 am on a tuesday, that's kinda like november 11 11:11.
well if it is, i wish you like me.
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