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my application

1! name:kaela (or mikayla, as you three beautiful mods know me)
2! age: i'm fifteen.
3! gender: i'm a female.
4! cock or cunt? (your sexual preference duh.)um, put simply because i'm through with posting my theories on the subject... cock mostly.
5! sum yourself up in one word: "ummmmmm"
6! five random facts about yourself:
♥my left ring finger is allergic to sterling silver
♥i have an earwax buildup in my left ear
♥i don't ever paint my toenails
♥i have a "built-at-home-computer"
♥i hate diet pepsi, but i drink it anyway

7! what's yr take on:
//gay marriage:
all for it. the only thing that breeds hate is discrimination.... oh, well, stupidity does it, too.
//abortion: not for it. not for it at all.
//bush: i support the guy, and that's okay. people's opinions differ, and i think he makes good choices(most of the time, the war... not so good. katrina was NOT his fault!)
//michael jackson:AHHH!!! I LOVE MICHEAL JACKSON!!!!!

8! twenty good bands:

Schoolyard Heroes
Dream Theatre
Green Day
T.A.T.U.(they're not really a BAND, but i like them)
Corbin gets it right
Six Falls Short
All American Rejects
Hawthorne Heights
Maria Mena(she's not a band either, and neither are
Avril Lavigne,
Micheal Jackson,
Rod Stewart
John Van Deusen.)
Something Corporate
Butch Walker

9! favorite lyrics:

"And so I fall, I don't wanna feel this small
you know I just can't handle this,
handle this at all
and I just fall, let my heartbeat drop
falter as the music stops
and watch me as I stall
wonder when I fall"

-Fall, something corporate

"A gag, a plastic bag
on a monument"

-Holiday, Green Day

"Defends, protects, and steals
my attempts at communication
every branch I try to reach
simply cannot overtake this
mobilize my own distrust
I just want to understand her
the way she moves
what makes her tick
I am momentarily blinded
all these walls have grown thick and
all this work seems to be for nothing
but i know that is a lie
for her smile hints with a shade of twilight
character screams with a breathless sigh"

-She Smiles, John Van Deusen (These may not be exactly right)

There are more...

10! ten good movies:

@A Little Princess
@Ten Things I hate about you
@The Princess Bride
@The Emperors New Groove
@The Princess Bride
@The Tenth Kingdom
@The Lion King
@Office Space

11! five good books:

*Go Ask Alice
*Jane Eyre
*Digital Fortress
12! five good authors:

^Dan Brown
^Christopher Paolini
^A.A. Milne
^Charles Darwin
^William Shakespeare
13! five things you like to do when yr not being a superficial nerd and applying for lj rating communities:

♥take pictures of my shoes
♥photoshop those pictures
♥practice my debate and lines for TP
♥watch the history channel
♥talk to Joe Royal on MySpace
14! ten likes:

#intelligent people
#talking to mark bond
#figuring out combinations to combination locks
#hacking computers
#Korean Teen Dramas like "Love Story at Harvard University"
#American Teen Dramas like "Degrassi" and "RFR"
#baking biscuits(how do you actually spell biscuits?)
15! ten dislikes:
%biology (i'm ok at it, it's just boring)
%whiny people
%overly dramatic, gossipy people
%sequels to bad movies
%overprotective parents
%digital cameras

16! pick your favorite mod & write them a poem:
Oh, 'Randa, how your dress shone
in the...um... discolight
of last night
I can't tell you how much you totally PWND
in the discolight
of last night
(sorry for using the word PWND, but i couldn't think of anything to rhyme with owned)

17! now pick a member & compliment the hell out of 'em
-has a WONDERFUL voice
-serenades my heart to... something even squishier than heart... when she plays me guitar
-looked absolutely fabulous at homecoming
-is one of my favorite people
-could kiss me anyday
-could never be someone i hate
-has an infectious smile
and is my love♥

18! make us laugh:

"If you don't get out of my kitchen, i'll slap you with a towel. OH YEAH, be afraid!!!"

19! post a picture of someone you think is hot:

my potato

20! promote in five places and give links. (this means go to the userinfo, copy the text under the banner, paste it to an entry/comment & post!)

21! favorite quote:
"I'm not jesus." -Paul Dozier
22! at least five pictures of you being awesome plus a 100x100 pic for member page:

you're gonna put me on the reject list, aren't you?
here's the shot..... (are) the shot(s).

rockin' it with the skunk head a REALLY long time ago

the one hundred ex

and an extra:

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'nough said.
eeeee alotatonahugeammount of stuff you said bugged me to hell.
but she smiles is such a wonder and i listened to it today, and corbin gets it right is love, so ima say yes.
thank you
some of the things you said bugged me

but you like the schoolyard heroes & michael jackson
& you have pretty eyes
so yes
well thank you
i'll try not to bug you in the future



i absolutely ♥ how you spelled my name correctly...

so i guess i can be accepted now?
vote, PROMOTE, etc. etc.

thank you!! :D
this makes me happy.